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Quarterly Newsletter

3rd Quarter 2020 Newsletter Thumbnail

3rd Quarter 2020 Newsletter

One of the few upsides for me to this Pandemic is having caught up on my reading. I have also had more time to reflect personally about, well, life. It has been said that it’s truly an ill wind that blows no good.

2nd Quarter 2020 Newsletter Thumbnail

2nd Quarter 2020 Newsletter

Hexagenia Limbata. It may sound like some obscure medical term, but the Hex or Michigan Caddis is a large mayfly and for those flyfishers in the know, it means the possibility of catching the largest brown trout of the year on dry flies.

1st Quarter 2020 Newsletter Thumbnail

1st Quarter 2020 Newsletter

No matter how difficult, just hold on as this too shall pass and just as I found tranquility in the ride, in the not too distant future we will all look back and realize how our faith, diligence and shear tenacity allowed us to outlast all Covid-19 could muster.

4th Quarter 2019 Newsletter  Thumbnail

4th Quarter 2019 Newsletter

For several years, Josh and I have traveled to Missoula, Montana for a few days of trout fishing. It’s been our “thing.” Not only are we able to spend a few days fishing in some of the country’s most spectacular scenery and fish the country’s most prolific trout streams, we have some father and son time.