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Quarterly Newsletter

4th Quarter 2020 Newsletter Thumbnail

4th Quarter 2020 Newsletter

We all engage in activities to reduce the stress in our lives, expand our horizons, and to simply relax and enjoy our allotted time on this earth. For me, that means spending time with friends and family, reading, fishing, and in low altitude orbit while flying a 50-year-old Piper Cherokee aircraft.

3rd Quarter 2020 Newsletter Thumbnail

3rd Quarter 2020 Newsletter

One of the few upsides for me to this Pandemic is having caught up on my reading. I have also had more time to reflect personally about, well, life. It has been said that it’s truly an ill wind that blows no good.

2nd Quarter 2020 Newsletter Thumbnail

2nd Quarter 2020 Newsletter

Hexagenia Limbata. It may sound like some obscure medical term, but the Hex or Michigan Caddis is a large mayfly and for those flyfishers in the know, it means the possibility of catching the largest brown trout of the year on dry flies.